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Meadow Brook


Wigan wedding photographer capturing stories around the North West and beyond!


1-2-1 Learning

Hello fellow photographer!

If you've landed on this page you're thinking of having some 1-2-1 learning, or maybe you pressed the wrong page... 

However, if you're in the right place, I offer 2 different lesson types depending on what it is you're after!

1.  All about the camera

1 Hour Lesson - All about the camera.
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These lessons are all about your camera and learning how to use it during certain situations.  A lot of my photography is done using natural light as it helps me keep unnoticed when I'm trying to capture real moments but I do have to use flash on and off camera when there isn't enough light.  These lessons are perfect to learn about the exposure triangle so that you can get the shot you want!


1 hour lesson - About the business.
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If you're wanting to learn about the business side of photographer, especially weddings, then 1-2-1 lessons are available.  Not only can we talk about how to use your camera but we can also talk about marketing, branding, SEO and more!  Be sure to check out my workshop as a lot of information is covered during that but if you'd rather have some solo time then this is a great option.

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"It's one thing to love taking pictures, it's an entirely different thing to run a business taking pictures."