Being a wedding guest and website changes! - Weekly Roundup

It's Monday and it's time to hustle all over again!  I try to welcome Mondays with open arms as it means a new week of challenges ahead to over come and also more meetings with new couples to talk about their wedding plans and photography.  

This weekend I was a wedding guest for a change up in Lancaster and then the lakes which was real nice.  It was nice to be on the other side of the line for a change as it's been a while since I was an actual guest at a wedding.  I took my little Fuji X100 camera in the morning but soon retired it was it was nice to switch on and just take goofy photos on my phone playing around on snapchat!  I've posted the only snap I got below from the wedding as I didn't want to be 'that guy' stepping on people's toes along with some snaps from our time there.

We made the last minute decision to stay over in Windermere and I'm so glad we did.  We love going to Windermere as it's so stunning and the landscapes are breathtaking.  It's the perfect place to clear your mind and just enjoy the sights and sounds.  

Last week I started to have a little play around with the website and that will continue over winter to get it ready for the next wedding season.  I've removed galleries from the wedding galleries page and will start to post these into my blog in the future so keep an eye out for those along with LOTS of new work to share :D  

I'll also be updating my 'Recommended Suppliers' page as I've met some really great people and companies later that I think couples would really benefit from checking out!