Charity Wedding Photography Workshop - Weekly Roundup

It's 9:15pm and I've just got home from Manchester after attending the Neil Redfern charity workshop.  It was an amazing learning session with Neil telling us how he started his wedding photography business, how he grew it over time, his shooting style and his approach today.  It was all to raise money for Cancer Research UK and it was awesome to hear that over £4000 was raised!  There were some amazing prizes up for grabs also and I came so close to winning a ticket for another workshop but in the end came 2nd.

One of the things I love about workshops are all the people you meet.  It's great to learn from the greats but it's also really nice to chat to everyone, to bounce ideas and to just chat shop for hours on end!  I usually have to rant about weddings to anyone who comes too close but in a room full of creatives the energy is unreal.

It was an absolute blast with some funny games, lots of learning but most importantly a huge amount of money raised for a great cause!