Another workshop and my final fair! - Weekly Roundup

So as winter rolls in and the weddings slow down a little I can spend some time with promotion, blogging and more learning.  I've attended a few wedding photography workshops this year and decided to finish the year on a high attending SUMMIT in Liverpool.  It was a star-filled line up with some of the best wedding photographers from around the world.  It was amazing to hear how and why they do what they do and to pick up some new tips and tricks which I can't wait to put into practice.

Learning was a huge part of it but so was the networking.  I speak to a lot of different photographers in lots of different online groups.  I now call many of these photographers friends, yet have only ever spoken to some online as we've never had the chance to meet face to face. There were so many people I got to meet at this event that it made it even more amazing.  

This was my last workshop of the year and it was great to finish with such a great line-up.  Not only was this my last workshop but this week was also my last wedding fair of 2016!  I've done a good number of fairs this year with some up's and down's but chatting to new people and new suppliers have made each one worthwhile and a great learning curve.  My last show was at the Belle Epoque in Knutsford.  A stunning venue located in a quaint little town.  Although I had a nightmare finding parking because of the markets taking place closing off the road, it was still a great day and it was great to meet and work with the staff from Brides Up North.  If you're looking for some wedding inspiration be sure to check out their blog! 

I snapped a few pictures while at the workshop and thought I'd finish the set with a little quote that I'll take in mind into my next weddings!