I have my own little wedding workspace on the way!!

So since setting up I've been meeting lovely couples constantly at a local Starbucks and as much as I love a good frappuccino you never know what distractions lie ahead when you come in. Sometimes I get lucky and it's nice and quiet and you get to talk easily, other times it can be packed full of people and you have to fight over the noise of coffee being made, people chatting or kids going crazy in the corner after pinching a sip of coffee!

However, in 2 weeks time I'll be getting a lovely summer house build in the garden at my home where I can meet couples to talk about weddings!

It's going to be an awesome workspace where we can talk and talk about your wedding plans without any distractions!  It will also be perfect place to flick through albums, prints and to watch some slideshow examples.  I CANT WAIT!

Once it arrives the painting will begin and I'll be hoping to get working from there ASAP!  

I'll keep you posted on the build via my facebook page and will post final images of it looking sweeeeeet on my site :D


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