Weekly Blog!

Okay... I'm going to say this and hope I can stick to it!  My plan is to start blogging weekly about a topic or just my week as a round up as I feel I need to get my blog into shape and I'd love to be able to share more. 

So with that said here is my first post!

This weekend I shot a lovely wedding at Lancashire Manor.  The weather app was showing rain at some point in the day so everyone was waiting for the heavens to open but it never did which was awesome.  In fact it was pretty much the opposite with the sun beaming brightly giving everyone a little tan I'd imagine.  (Myself not included.. I simply burn and don't tan)

I celebrated a friends Birthday Sunday and probably stayed out later than I have for a good while!  I'm sure my body will love me for it this week though... Either way it was lots of fun :D

This week I have lots of meetings in The Den for new couples and old couples which I'm super excited about.  2016 has been my busiest year so far but 2017 is pretty much smashing that record already so I'm super pleased to have growth year on year and it's real rewarding to see my little adventure taking off.  I'm loving every minute of it and that's certainly the important part!

I have another wedding this Saturday at the stunning Ashfield house which is going to be lots of fun I can tell and I'll be posting a few previews from my last wedding throughout the week on my facebook and Instagram accounts to be sure to check those out.

Here's a little snap from my last wedding :D