The storm has almost passed! - Weekly Update

My last update was August 14th and although I should be doing this weekly it's been so busy I've not had the chance to update my site at all!  Busy = good though so I shouldn't complain!!  

August has been my busiest ever month for my photography,  I've been up and down the country and this month I'll be heading all the way to Essex for a killer wedding!!  Super excited!!  Hopefully September will bring some nice dry weddings as August has been a surprisingly wet month!  I've always been lucky enough to get out at some point during the day but when it rains you have to put the timetable you had in mind in the bin and just roll with the day and dash out when the weather allows you to.

I'll be uploading some new galleries to the website this month as I have 10 new weddings to share with the world so watch out for those.  I'll also be sharing new images via my facebook and Instagram pages, and if you follow me on Instagram I'll be doing little updates with their new stories feature... When I remember too!  

This little snap below has certainly summed up August at times.