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Meadow Brook



Welcome to my blog!  Here you'll find wedding previews and stories from my other adventures!

Turning 30 and the new year! - Weekly Roundup!

Jack parkinson

So last week I turned 30.. Where did time go!  I remember college and university like it were yesterday and suddenly Project Valentine has turned 4 and I've turned 30!  I've not found a grey hair yet though so I'll continue to say I'm 29... 

I decided a quiet break was in order after a crazy 2016 so stayed in a friend's caravan in Hornsea for a few days.  It was great to walk the empty beaches each morning as January is well out of season for a seaside town so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  We stocked up on food and DVD's and spent days exploring, visiting the cinema, bowling and trying to keep warm.

Once home we headed down south to visit Harry Potter World.  It was AMAZING!  I've been a Harry Potter fan for years so getting to visit the sets, see the costumes and drink Butter Beer was truly awesome!  I'd highly recommend a visit if you haven't been before.  

I'm off to Bounce Below this weekend for Shannons birthday and then it's back to business.  Enquiries are still pouring in for 2017 and I've seen a huge increase for 2018 which is great as 2017 is pretty much full.  I'm super excited for 2017 as I get to visit new places and can't wait to share some new stories with you all.  

While I wait for wedding season to pick up I've been doing some street photography work.  You can follow my adventures here  It's been great to capture the world unfolding in a different way and I look forward to seeing how this will influence my approach to weddings. 

Here's a few snaps from my little break!