A tree house wedding at Centre Parks!!!

When Beth and Chris got in touch to tell me that they were having their wedding reception at Centre Parks, in Sherwood Forest AND in a tree house my jaw dropped to the floor as the idea sounded amazing and crazy at the same time!

The morning at Sherwood Forest

I arrived at Sherwood Forest to see the tree house where the reception was to take place and was amazed!  It was such a cool idea to have a smaller reception in a tree house!!  As this was very much a DIY wedding the plan was to decorate the room after their wedding service but even without being fully finished it still looked awesome when I arrived!  

Beth didn't want bridal prep photos so I spent the morning capturing the guests arriving and getting ready before she made her grand appearance down the spiral staircase then over to Rufford Mill Country Park for their wedding service.

Getting married at Rufford Mill Country Park

It was my second time at Rufford Mill Country Park and I was excited to be back as the place is stunning!  Situated in Nottinghamshire the park offers cafe's, a small shop, a lake and some stunning ruins within the grounds.  It's the perfect spot for a wedding if you're looking for something with rustic charm and are happy to go explore the old ruins for photos.  

When Beth arrived and walked down the aisle she was grinning from ear to ear which matched the look on Chris' face also.  Their wedding only contained a smaller handful of their closest family and friends but everyone in attendance could see how happy they both looked when they stood at the end of the aisle and throughout the service.  

After the ceremony guests rushed over to them to great them allowing me to capture some great natural moments between them and their guests.  After a few drinks everyone headed outside to be by the lake where we threw confetti before heading back over the the tree house.  

The wedding reception in a tree house!

Once we arrived back at the tree house within Centre Parks it was all hands on desk for the immediate wedding party to add some finishing touches before the rest of the party arrived a little later.  The newly weds made their own cocktails that looked awesome while the family helped move some furniture and put out the buffet and drinks.  

Once everything was ready the evening guests arrive to celebrate over cocktails, great food and music.  Shortly after while the light was still with us we ran out into the Forrest for some portraits.  Beth was a big Twilight fan so having some woodland wedding portraits was a dream for her and they looked awesome!!  

Once back inside it was time for a few speeches.  As this wasn't your traditional wedding there wasn't a first dance but a few people wanted to share a few words then it was right back to the party.  There was drinks, games, music and dancing, the perfect way to end your wedding!

I've posted a few lovely moments below but check out the slideshow also to see more!

Are you thinking of having something a little different for your wedding?  There are no rules, do it your way!  I love capturing the natural moments of a wedding and if that sounds like your thing, then get in touch!

Jack Parkinson