Engagement shoot at Formby Beach, Merseyside

How I love to explore new places!  Well, I say new, as I haven't been to Formby Beach since I was in High School and even then I might be wrong with that!  Situated not too far from Southport it's a short drive from my home in Lancashire and really is a treasure! 

Annisa and Ben get married next year at the stunning Oak Tree of Peover but wanted to have a little warm up session before their big day.  Maybe a warm up session is the wrong term, as when we arrived and it was COLD!  It is winter after all and heading to the sea side I guess we were hopeful that it would be warm... we can only hope.

It was lovely to catch up with them both and go exploring around Formby as it really does offer a range of backdrops for photos from woodland, sand dunes and if you're feeling really brave you can splash into the sea.  As it was cold enough just being there we figured shots by the sea would be enough at this time of year. 

Are you thinking of having a pre-wedding shoot to warm up before your special wedding day?  Be sure to get in touch and we can go explore together!

Jack Parkinson