Super quirky wedding at The Wellbeing Farm, Lancashire!

One of the things I love about being a Lancashire wedding photographer, is getting to explore new places all the time!  I've never been to The Wellbeing Farm, but I'd heard all about the place and seen the odd photo or two so couldn't wait to be working there.  I met Clarissa and Richard when they came back up North from London and we did a pre-wedding shoot around Manchester which was lots of fun, not forgetting grabbing slice of cake and brew while we were out.  We talked about their wedding plans and their big day and it sounded like it was going to be one hell of a party!!

Team Bride during Bridal Preparations. 

Bridal preparations is a super fun part of the morning to capture.  Walking into a room full of people and only having met the Bride can seem like a daunting thing, but if you enter and join in with the fun then everyone makes you feel at home and it sets the day up perfectly as you can very quickly become party of the 'Team Bride' group!  The morning was lots of fun with Clarissa's Dad even joining the team sporting some Team Bride glasses from the night before!  Everyone seemed ready for the big day ahead so as soon as everyone was ready, had a few drinks and looked awesome, it was time to head out to the Church for the wedding service.   

Getting married and partying at The Wellbeing Farm, Lancashire.

The service from the start was hilarious.  The church minister, who was older and a little more traditional, was such a contrast to the fun lively couple before him that even he couldn't help but smile and laugh himself from their cheeky wit and humour!  After the service we headed outside so the guests could greet the newly weds.  Once ready we headed over to The Wellbeing Farm in Lancashire to continue the celebrations.  

The Wellbeing Farm is certainly a quirky wedding venue!  It's full of crazy farm character, has live animals on site with loads of things to take in around the grounds.  The weather was threatening throughout the day but it managed to stay dry for us so that the guests could soak in the views while the children played with the outdoor games.  It was lovely to explore the venue with the couple and we had a great time when they brought the donkeys and llamar's out! 

An evening of dancing and fun as the party continues.

After some amazing food and speeches it was time for the party to get started.  After such a lively day I knew everyone would be dancing at the first opportunity and that was certainly the case!  The dance floor was filled with most of the guests having a great time, showing some shapes and even drinking from a welly boot... I thought I'd seen it all! 

Shooting at the Wellbeing Farm really is a pleasure.  As it's not a traditional venue, people can't help but relax and drop the formalities meaning they're up for a great party!  They place offers lots of quirky locations to shoot and looks amazing for your wedding!


Jack Parkinson