Farington Lodge, North West: Beth and Kieran

It's always nice to shoot a wedding for someone you know.  I went to high school with Kieran and though we haven't seen each other for many years it was nice when he popped up to talk to me about their wedding plans!


Beth's morning took place at her Nan's house which was 2 doors away from the church where the marriage was to take place.  This allowed me to run out to take a few snaps of Kieran arriving as I could see him arrive from the door of the house!  Nice and easy ;)  The morning was relaxed and full of smiles while everyone got ready and it was great to meet her family who were coming and going while getting everything ready for the service.  

Let the service begin.

The church that Beth and Kieran chose was one that was close to Beth’s heart.  Not only had other family members married at the church but it was also a place that her family worked closely with making it an extra special location for their big day.  

Beth was all smiles when she entered the church and Kieran couldn’t help but mirror her expression.  

The service was lovely with lots of emotion and some amazing music from the church choir.  It’s a great time to capture guests expressions and emotions as they watch on.  

The party at farmington lodge, north west.

After the service the guests headed to Farington Lodge, a grade II listed Georgian manor house in the North West, where the party was to continue.  

Friends of mine, Agent Smith, were booked to perform in the evening and their amazing show had the room bouncing from start to finish.  This is the reason you’ll find them on my recommended supplier list as they really know how to bring the party.  

Wedding photography at Farington Lodge.

Shooting at Farington Lodge give you plenty of opportunity for some stunning wedding photography.  The grounds give you greenery while the building itself it also stunning to shoot as a backdrop!  

If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your Farington Lodge wedding then be sure to get in touch!