A Christmas Eve Family Shoot.

From time to time people ask me to shoot something a little different to weddings and it's always nice to mix things up and try something new.  I met Sarah through high school, and thinking about how long ago that was is depressing, and since then she's moved to the USA and started her family.  She was back home for Christmas and thought it would be lovely for the family to get together for a family shoot.

I headed to her parents family home where we spent the morning capturing some group portraits and of course I couldn't help slipping into my documentary, wedding mode and started to capture some natural candids also!  I was a little nervous about doing something like this having not really done it before and with it being December I knew natural light wasn't going to be at it's brightest, however once I got going and met her lovely family it was super fun and I'm super happy with how all the snaps turned out.  An added bonus being the family dogs were there and I'm a real dog lover!!!


Thinking of having some natural portraits of you and your family?  It's a lovely gift for yourselves and others so get in touch if you'd like to plan something!

Jack Parkinson