Sunrise photography at Formby Beach.

Sometimes you have to be the early bird to catch the worm!  The bonus with winter, and I don't think there's many, is that the sun comes up a little later meaning if you'd like to capture the sunset you can do so around 8am rather 4am in the summer!  I decided it would be something a little different to shoot and my friends who love shooting film thought it would be cool also to go and freeze for a few hours to capture the sun coming up.  We headed to Formby Beach which is such a stunning location to shoot as it offers so many different back drops within a small area.  It's a great location for shooting and perfect to tie into my wedding work as the location is great for pre-wedding shoots also. 

We hit the road around 7am and explored the sand dunes to find some great locations where the morning glow, mixed with some dramatic clouds, allowed us to capture some awesome images!  It was certainly worth sanding in the morning cold for and certainly somewhere I'd love to go back to again for a early morning couples shoot!!  If it's something you're thinking of doing and would love to go exploring early in the morning then be sure to get in touch!  Have a look at the images below and see if they will you over ;) 

Jack Parkinson