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Meadow Brook



Welcome to my blog!  Here you'll find wedding previews and stories from my other adventures!

Manchester Street Photography - February 19th

Jack parkinson

When I'm not shooting, I love to explore.  Winter season is 'quiet' time for wedding photographers.  How I wish that meant days on end of Netflix and nothing more!  In reality, it's catching up on editing, blogging, site changes and getting your marketing ready for the year ahead.  

It's also a great time to keep shooting.  I love street photography.  I can't tell you any famous names, but I love it.  It keeps me busy, it allows me to try new things and usually overwinter the light can do magical things and you can get some cool snaps.  This day, however, wasn't one of those magical days.  It had been raining but let us not make excuses!  It's still fun to explore and shoot around the city so that's what I did.  I head into Manchester with a few other togs to take some pictures, each some grilled cheese and drink some coffee... nice!