A trip to Vienna!

Last month we decided it was time for a little break and we shot off to see an old friend who's lived in Vienna for a number of years.  After the Lancashire wether we'd had, we packed our cases full of warm clothes, jumped on the plane and headed off on a little adventure.  We flew to Bratislava and got the bus over to Vienna, which is considerably cheaper if you're thinking of heading over there, where my friend Dan met us at the bus station and took us back to his apartment.  After being in Berlin the month before I was excited to see what Vienna had to offer.  

Firstly the weather was much better than we'd planned or hoped for.  Dan told us they'd had temperatures of -6 the week before but someone was looking out for us and we had highs of 17C while there!  This was a welcome change as winter this year has dragged on for what seems like a lifetime!

Vienna really is a stunning city.  The buildings, history and culture make it a place that's well worth a visit.  The bars and restaurants we visited were great, the shopping area is HUGE with some great designer stores if that's your thing and the Swarovski shop is MASSIVE!  It was more like a museum than a shop and of course this kept Emma happy.  

Myself and Dan played music together since high school right the way through Uni before we called it quits and he setup a new life overseas.  While there we recorded a new song together, our first in nearly 10 years, which we will be releasing real soon!  

If you're looking for a city break as part of your honeymoon then it's well worth a visit and being so close to Bratislava you can make you can also tick off their easily to make the most out of your trip!  

Want to see more street photography work?  My blog below has more of my little adventures along with my recent wedding work!

Jack Parkinson