Recommended supplier spotlight! - Kerry Barker MUA

Name: Kerry Baker

Company Name: Kerry Baker Make up Artist

Tell the world who you are and what you do?: I'm a make up artist. I specialise in bridal make up. And I LOVE making brides feeling super special on their wedding day!

Tell the story of how you started your business?: I started as many do...working full time in a job I became dis-illusioned with and had a vision to turn my hobby into my career. I grew the business slowly, learning my craft, taking more training courses until I finally found the courage to hand in my notice and go into weddings full time. It's hard graft being self employed but have never regretted it. I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to do what they love everyday, and earn a living from it!

What do you offer that others can’t?: I am super organised, and a bit of a stickler for time management on wedding bride is ever late on my watch! Plus I'm the only make up artist in the North West (that I am aware of) who can offer a completely Vegan make over, and ALL my kit is cruelty free too.

What is the favourite thing about your job?: My brides. Seeing them happy, confident, and beautiful on their wedding day is the BEST feeling! It's an absolute honour and a total buzz to be allowed to share part of the experience with them.

What inspires your work / style?: My style of make up very much leans towards the more natural rather than super "instaglam" style. I prefer to create a flawless, timeless look which looks great in person and on camera. Skin realism, that's what I'm all about. Though I'm not averse to a bold lip or fluttery lashes of course!

What is your favourite wedding venue and why?: Oh that's really hard!!! I think anywhere that has a light and spacious prep room for the bridal party to get ready is always a bonus! Where staff are helpful and don't just turn a blind eye when I turn up with armfuls of gear. Somewhere that makes a good brew is important too!

What advice would you give for someone planning their wedding?: Don't sweat the small's so cliché and corny but its true! I've seen so many brides loose their s**t over the most daft things and get themselves in a really stressed state. Be prepared, get everything sorted before the day and don't leave stuff to the last minute. E.g don't be packing your suitcase for your honeymoon the morning of the wedding!

Do you have any crazy wedding stories to share?: I was once booked for a full day wedding at Eaves Hall in Clitheroe. The groom, hailing from Burnley, had it in his head he wanted to get some photos on Pendle Hill. So off we went, myself, photographer, videographer and the couple. trekking over the hill, dodging sheep poop. getting papped by tourists and avoiding pot holes. Oh, and I had to chase the brides veil that flew off mid shoot!! It was fun and they got the shots, but never again!!

If you weren’t involved in weddings, what would you be doing?: I really don't know.

What is your website?:

What is your contact number?: 07795311929

What is your Facebook address?: Kerry Baker Make up Artist

What is your Instagram account?: kerrybmua

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