What a year 2015 was!  I got to meet awesome couples in amazing new places and capture a little part of history.  I got to travel around the Northwest and even had my first wedding in London!  

I've learnt so much in 2015 about myself and my style and couldn't be more excited for 2016.  Emma who attended most of my weddings has been so good as always and for those she couldn't make, then my old band partner and super photographer Heapy came along to lend a helping hand.  I'm excited to be going into 2016 with both of these as we have so much fun!

So 2016 will take me to a whole load of new places and even some previous haunts.  I can't wait for the weddings I have lined up and each one sounds so different to the next and no couples the same.  I kick start 2016 with my first wedding after my birthday and then it's not stop for the whole year... EXCITING!  

Enjoy my 2015 round up below.  It's a small collection of images take from the weddings I've photographed that are personal favourites of mine.