A chilly pre-wedding shoot at Formby Beach!

Katie and Mark are set to get married this June and wanted a warm-up session before their big day... though a warm-up session certainly seems like the wrong phrase as we tackled Formby Beach in what seems to be one of the coldest March's we've have in a long time!  After days of snow, howling winds and dangerous ice we decided the show must go on and we headed to Formby early to catch up and take some photos.

As soon as we arrived we were met by the fierce winds coming in from the sea but it gave them both the perfect excuse to cuddle with one another to keep each other warm.  We explored the beach, headed into the sand dunes and woodland before going full circle and finishing up on the sand.  Both Katie and Mark fell into each other naturally, laughing and enjoying themselves through the shoot making it almost too easy to shoot!  We talked about their wedding plans, Game of Thrones and the football that Mark was heading to later on in the day then headed back to our cars to put the heaters on full so we could defrost from our morning adventure.  Roll on their big day where we'll cross our fingers for a warmer day!

Are you planning on having a pre-wedding shoot before your big day?  It can be the perfect way to practice before the big day giving you more pictures to treasure!  If so, get in touch and tell me what you're planning!

Jack Parkinson