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Meadow Brook



Sarah & Sam: Sorrento, Destination Wedding

Having known Sam and Sarah for a good number of years, I was totally overwhelmed when they asked if I would capture their amazing day in Sorrento, Italy!  Certainly a change of scenery from my usual Lancashire weddings, I was excited to capture the Italian scenery and to soak up the sun.  They'd originally planned a small wedding but once they put out feelers they discovered that a lot of their love ones would love to join them showing just how awesome a pair they are.  

Bridal preparations with a view to die for.

Sarah and Sam were getting ready at the hotel they'd been staying at for a few days before wedding.  Situated in the heart of Sorrento, it was the perfect place to relax before their ceremony.  While Sarah and the girls got ready in their room, Sam hung around by the pool with the guys until it was time to get into their suits and hit the road.  The girls were in high spirits having lots of fun in their room despite the heat rolling in, it was obvious it was going to be a hot day and the temperature reached 39C at one point!!

Once ready it was time to head downstairs where a traditional, Italian horse and cart was waiting to take Sarah over to San Francesco Cloisters where the ceremony was to take place.

Getting married at San Francesco Cloisters.

San Francesco Cloisters is a 14th century court yard with stunning architecture and gardens making it perfect spot for a destination wedding and for some lovely wedding photos!  Sarah arrived with a huge smile on her face while Sam stood proudly, relived to see the whole thing come together, sounded by his family and friends.  He cracked a huge smile when he saw Sarah arrived and I don't think it left his face all day.

After the service it was out of the Cloisters to a local bar to rehydrate and soak up the sun and the views before heading over to the first or two reception venues.

Speeches and wedding breakfast in the lemon gardens of Villa Comunale.

WOW!  What a setting for your wedding breakfast!  In the gardens of Villa Comunale under the Lemon trees you don't get more traditional than this.  The place looked incredible and it was lovely to be projected by the lemon trees from the sun so you can enjoy your food without being too hot.  The guys had done a lovely job in making the place look great and added lots of photos from their favourite moments to add a personal touch!  After some hilarious and also heart felt speeches it was time to head to the final location of the night to continue the party.

Let the party continue at the Foreigners Club.

The Foreigners Club, Sorrento, was the final spot for the day.  Overlooking the coast with views to die for it was the perfect spot to dance the night away with a cocktail to some classic tracks.  The dance floor was lively straight away as everyone continued the wedding celebrations in fine style well into the night!  It really was a trip t remember!


If you're planning on having a destination wedding and would love to take a pale Lancashire wedding photographer who's in need of some sun then be sure to give me a shout!!  It's great to work in new locations and amazing to work in photogenic places like Sorrento, Italy!