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Meadow Brook


Wigan wedding photographer capturing stories around the North West and beyond!


The Final Plans

By now your final plans, times and arrangements are usually are good to go.  This is the perfect time for us to go through the time table of the day so we can work out what time we have for certain photographs and so that I know where to be and when for certain events of the day.  

Please fill out the following so we can discuss it during our meeting while having a catch up!

If you'd like to upgrade your chosen package before the wedding now is the perfect time to let me know, alternatively if things run a little late on the day, extra time can be added.  You'll find the price for extra hours on your original invoice.

Bride or Groom 1 *
Bride or Groom 1
Sometimes easier to make a quick call or text than emailing as we get closer to the wedding.
Bride or Groom 2 *
Bride or Groom 2
The Morning
Preparations address:
Preparations address:
Please be aware of your chosen time package (8, 10 or 12 hours) when thinking of what time you'd like me to start. This is sometimes easier to work out backwards from the first dance time.
Second Shooter Morning
Only required if you've booked a second shooter or if this has already been arranged.
Preparations address:
Preparations address:
the wedding service details
Wedding Service Address
Wedding Service Address
What family formals would you like?
8 family formals can take 30 minutes so I'd usually advise sticking to this number if you want to allow time for natural photos of the guests.
Who will be best to help find the correct people for these?
Who will be best to help find the correct people for these?
Usually a best man or usher or a family member who knows who is who. The list you provide will be printed and handed to them on the day.
The wedding reception details
Wedding Reception Address
Wedding Reception Address
Leave blank if this is the same as the service address.
This is usually a 15-20 minute portrait session of just the 2 of you.
Who is the wedding coordinator?
Who is the wedding coordinator?
If you have one provide the name below.
Will food be provided? *
Just so I know if I need to bring food or not. If YES and you've added a second shooter then 2 meals will be needed.
Are the speeches before or after the wedding breakfast?
The evening details
Other details
Do you have something special planned for the other half or for your guests so I can be sure to capture the moment?
It's always nice to know who I'm working with. If you could list the names of the companies providing the flowers, the dress, the cake, the band etc that would be great!