Hi, Iā€™m Jack, an award winning wedding photographer!

I first got into photography when I picked up a camera to document my band while we toured. That's right, I'm a wanna-be rockstar!  For years I chased the dream of being a rockstar, touring the UK and living out of the back of a Transit van.  It was amazing!  Getting my first camera to capture those memories was a great idea but when you own a SLR camera the time comes when someone, usually a family member or friend, will ask you to shoot their wedding. That's exactly what got me started into wedding photography and I've been doing it ever since.

I live in Wigan in Lancashire, a working town between Manchester, Liverpool and Preston so covering weddings throughout Lancashire and the North West isn't an issue!  I traveled for years playing music so will happily travel anywhere in the UK or even abroad to capture a wedding!

I have a passion for music, mainly listening to pop / rock / punk bands, but will admit to enjoying a bit of Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber when no one else is watching...  I love seeing modern art and all the latest technology and will happily watch geeky tech videos on YouTube if I have some time to kill.  I also Iove watching great films or TV series but the 3 things I hold dear the most are Emma my wife, Shannon my daughter and my Bichon pup Monty.

So that's me, I'd love to hear about you!  Get in touch and we can talk over a brew about your special day in my little wedding den!