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Meadow Brook


Wigan wedding photographer capturing stories around the North West and beyond!


Welcome to my blog!  Here you'll find wedding previews and stories from my other adventures!

VBLOG number 2 - Back to back weddings and a hot tub!

Jack parkinson

This video blog features two weddings in the North West, one at Brookfield Hall and the other at Ashton Memorial and Forest Hills.  It was such an awesome weekend which you'll see in the video below.  On the Sunday we had a family day out to Bents Garden Centre where we bought a hot tub to mend our wounds after work and weddings!  

Stay tuned to see new blogs soon from recent weddings!

Manchester Town Hall and Imperial War Museum, North West: Monica and Ommid

Jack parkinson

Ommid and Monica met when Ommid was looking to buy his first apartment.  He wasn't happy with his solicitor who was dealing with the process so decided to find a new one, and that's how the pair met and how their love story came about.  Monica said it was love at first sight when she saw Ommid and seeing them together it is obvious that they are made for each other.

Documentary photography during bridal preperations.

Monica got ready at her parents house in Manchester while Ommid was getting ready at their flat in Salford-Quays.  As soon as they'd booked a 2nd photographer for their wedding I asked fellow photographer friend Andy Griffith as I knew he'd do a great job at catching the guys getting ready and having met a few times at different photography meet-ups knew we'd work well together.  They'd also asked if I could recommend a videographer for the day and I didn't hesitate to ask my friend Mike from Satin-Pictures if he was free.  The 3 of us working together made an awesome combo!  Be sure to check out Mikes video at the end of the blog!!

Monica's parents were super welcoming when I arrived giving us a range of Iranian sweets to try out and of course a cup of tea to start the day.  Having met Monica before the wedding when they originally got in touch and again at their pre-wedding shoot it was like working for a friend and we had a great time during the morning capturing natural moments of her getting ready, her bridesmaids and when the guys arrived to pick them up.  

Stunning sights at manchester town hall.

They chosen Manchester Town Hall to say their vows, a stunning building both inside and out that is full of gothic character and charm.  The stage was set and unlike traditional weddings Ommid met Monica in the reception area where they laughed with each other before the service was to start.  It was lovely to capture that first look when they saw each other and it still didn't stop Monica getting a little teary as she came down the aisle to Ommid!  

The service was witnessed by their close friends and family and was full of smiles and laughter from everyone who was there.  

After the wedding service we headed into the town centre to capture some couple portraits of the newly weds.  Manchester can offer some amazing urban locations that show off the city while the Town Hall offers some darker, gothic opportunities giving you a good mixture of images. 

Let the party begin at the imperial war museum. 

Once we'd finished in the centre it was then back over to Salford-Quays for an outfit change and some food before heading over to the Imperial War Museum where the evening reception was to take place.  Ommid, a tech lover like me, had picked this venue as it had 24 HD projectors around the venue allowing him to project different videos on different areas of the venue.  He'd spent hours making incredible videos and stills to display around the venue and it added a real personal touch to the setting.  

Before heading over I managed to capture a second lot of bridal preparations as Monica changed for the evening to a more traditional Iranian look and also managed to sneak a picture of Ommid as he picked up a cheeky Nandos take out!  

The night over at the Museum was stunning from start to finish with great speeches, amazing food and some traditional dancing.  It's always a pleasure to witness how different cultures celebrate and Ommid was more than happy to explain to us what was happening and why.

Truly an awesome pair and an awesome celebration... We've already said we'd catch up down the line over a Nandos!

If you're looking for a wedding photographer to capture your special day in Wigan or around the North West then be sure to get in touch!

Farington Lodge, North West: Beth and Kieran

Jack parkinson

It's always nice to shoot a wedding for someone you know.  I went to high school with Kieran and though we haven't seen each other for many years it was nice when he popped up to talk to me about their wedding plans!


Beth's morning took place at her Nan's house which was 2 doors away from the church where the marriage was to take place.  This allowed me to run out to take a few snaps of Kieran arriving as I could see him arrive from the door of the house!  Nice and easy ;)  The morning was relaxed and full of smiles while everyone got ready and it was great to meet her family who were coming and going while getting everything ready for the service.  

Let the service begin.

The church that Beth and Kieran chose was one that was close to Beth’s heart.  Not only had other family members married at the church but it was also a place that her family worked closely with making it an extra special location for their big day.  

Beth was all smiles when she entered the church and Kieran couldn’t help but mirror her expression.  

The service was lovely with lots of emotion and some amazing music from the church choir.  It’s a great time to capture guests expressions and emotions as they watch on.  

The party at farmington lodge, north west.

After the service the guests headed to Farington Lodge, a grade II listed Georgian manor house in the North West, where the party was to continue.  

Friends of mine, Agent Smith, were booked to perform in the evening and their amazing show had the room bouncing from start to finish.  This is the reason you’ll find them on my recommended supplier list as they really know how to bring the party.  

Wedding photography at Farington Lodge.

Shooting at Farington Lodge give you plenty of opportunity for some stunning wedding photography.  The grounds give you greenery while the building itself it also stunning to shoot as a backdrop!  

If you are looking for a wedding photographer for your Farington Lodge wedding then be sure to get in touch!

Video Blog!!!

Jack parkinson

So I've decided to invest in a GoPro so I can shoot some behind the scenes footage during weddings, the build up to the day and also the editing process!  I've just ordered some extra attachments that will allow the camera to live on top of my DSLR which will be awesome!

Although I didn't have the attachment for this one.. here's my first Vblog!

Manchester, North West Couples Shoot: Clarissa and Richard

Jack parkinson

Oh how I love a pre-wedding shoot in the city with such an awesome pair!  Clarissa and Richard are due to get married this month and it's going to be an awesome day.  They're getting married at The Wellbeing Farm which looks nice and rustic so we thought that a trip in Manchester, North West would be a great contrast for their pre-wedding shoot.  

We first met up for a coffee and to talk over their plans before heading out into the city to talk some more and have some fun.  I'd already scouted a few locations for the shoot and couldn't wait to get started.  

Manchester has lot's of different locations to offer from cool graffiti, impressive architecture and surprisingly some greenery in a small park off Deansgate!  Clarissa and Richard were great during the shoot falling into each other naturally and having a great laugh with one another.

Enjoy the shots below and read more about the couple on the Bridal Chic In The City blog! 

The Shireburn Arms, North West Wedding: Kim and Chris

Jack parkinson

I first met Kim and Chris while I was exhibiting at The Shireburn Arms opening day last year.  We had a little chat but sometimes wedding fairs and opening days can be a little tricky to have lengthy conversations, so I invited them down to my little wedding den and we talk over their plans over a brew and cake.  

Award Winning Wedding Preparations

The day started at The Shireburn Arms in the North West where Kim and her bridesmaids were getting ready.  She had an awesome award winning team to do the make up and hair, Sonara Parker and Duncan Fisher who make the morning so much fun with their infectious personalities.  When I asked to take pictures of Kims wedding shoes I was in total awe to see she was wearing the coolest cowboy boots on her big day!!

Showtime in the North West.

The wedding service took place in the ceremony room which looks out to the stunning countryside of Clitheroe.  It's the perfect, homely setting for a wedding with stunning views and with all the James Places venues, amazing service from the team who help run the day. 

Kim and Chris were all smiles during their service and their dog Timmy looked super proud as they said their "I do's".  After the service, we headed outside to take some photos though we had to battle the winds as it was only a few days since storm Doris and it seemed she was just around the corner waiting to strike again!

In the evening the guests played with the pool and foosball tables that made for some great images.  Capturing people naturally in a documentary way is awesome as you get a real feel of the day and it tells the story perfectly!

Wedding Photography at The Shireburn Arms.

The Shireburn Arms, North West, is such a stunning venue and has a lot to offer.  From a homely ceremony room and bar area to beautiful, stylish bedrooms for getting ready in.  A little smaller than some of the other offerings from James Places but that all adds to the character and charm of the place!

The grounds and local walks around the area offer lots of opportunity for wedding portrait shots and for family photos and the large windows in the ceremony and reception room mean you get lots of natural light even in the winter months.  

If you're getting married at the Shireburn Arms and would like a North West wedding photographer to capture your day in a natural way then be sure to get in touch!

If you want to see more work then check out the feature weddings below.

Middlewich, North West Couples Shoot: Vikki and Callum

Jack parkinson

Vikki and Callums big day is just around the corner and it sounds like it's going to be an awesome day!  I met them at their home in Middlewich, North West, and we took a walk along the canal to have a pre-wedding shoot to give them a taste of what it's like being in front of the camera, to talk about their plans and to pick out some locations on their big day.  

It was nice to walk around to see what we could find and for me to learn more about them and their wedding.  With it being winter it was pretty cold out so but that gives you the perfect excuse to cuddle in close which is a must for photos! 

We walked and talked snapping photos along the way using anything that jumped out to us or was sentimental spots to them and it was awesome to see how relaxed they were in front of the camera and with each other! 

After braving the cold for a while we turned around and headed back to talk over their wedding time table over a cup of tea and biscuits... the perfect way to end a shoot!

Salford Quays, North West Couples Shoot: Monica and Ommid

Jack parkinson

Ommid found me via a photography forum so I was super flattered when he got in touch about his wedding photography.  To be found on a forum full of amazing photographers is a great feeling!  We met up to chat over a brew and cake and instantly got along and it didn't take them long at all to book me to capture their special day.  

They decided they wanted a couples shoot before their wedding as they have huge projectors at their wedding venue and would love to have images and videos playing throughout the room.  We headed to Salford Quays, North West, where they live to make the most of the stunning urban setting which provided the perfect backdrop for some awesome photos.

It didn't take them long to be totally natural in front of the camera and the results show!  We had so much fun picking out locations and it was great to have so much choice in such a small area.

After the shoot we headed for a coffee and cake to talk some more about their wedding plans.  Their day sounds like it will be an amazing event and having had a warm up before their wedding I'm super excited to see what their day brings!!

Photography at Salford Quays, North West. 

Taking pictures around Salford Quays is almost too easy.  You have a great choice of backdrops and some amazing architecture to have in the background.  It can be a busy area, so you do have to be brave to ignore the people busy shopping, but if you can see past that and embrace the awesomeness  then you'll get some stunning images.  It's a great place for a pre-wedding shoot and well worth a visit if you also fancy a little bit of shopping or some food.  

Didsbury Park, North West Couples Shoot: Sarah and Aiden

Jack parkinson

I first met Sarah and Aiden at a 'Off Beat' wedding fair that was hosted in an amazing tee-pee in Sale near Manchester.  The idea behind the fair was to break away from the 'traditional' so that couples could find suppliers who tackle the wedding day in a natural way.  Although it was a wet day the wedding fair was great!

Sarah and Aiden decided they wanted a couples shoot to warm them up before the big day, however, being February it was a pretty cold day to say the least!  However, this means breaking out the warm coats and for Sarah, her favourite new hat.  

We headed to Didsbury in the North West, a cool little area just outside of Manchester, that's home to some cool bars and coffee shops and also Fletcher Moss Gardens.  This was the setting for our shoot today.  Luckily the place is full of evergreen trees and that gave us plenty of lovely spots to take some pictures!  It's always nice to shoot couples before their wedding as it gives us the opportunity to get to know each other a little more and to put their minds at ease about having their photos taken on the day.  

We got a dry day for it which was perfect so we made the most of the stunning locations while having a good chatter!

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Towneley Hall Wedding Fair

Jack parkinson

A few weeks ago I exhibited at Towneley Hall, North West with Little White Books.  Located in Burnley the venue is setting in stunning grounds and has so much character and things to look at that you literally don't know where to look next!  

It was lovely to meet so many new couples planning their special day and I even got to check out the cat walk that took part on the day!  

I snapped a few pictures below so check them out :D