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Meadow Brook


Wigan wedding photographer capturing stories around the North West and beyond!


Welcome to my blog!  Here you'll find wedding previews and stories from my other adventures!

A wedding fair at Eaves Hall, Lanchashire

Jack parkinson

At the weekend I got to visit the stunning Eaves Hall in Lancashire with for the Little White Books winter wedding fair.  It was a great 2 day event with some amazing suppliers from around the North West showcasing their work.  If you're planning a wedding then the Little White Books wedding fairs are the perfect place to find some inspiration, talk to suppliers and check out venues dressed like they would be on your big day.  

When I had a spare few minutes I ran into the rooms to see how they were dressed and snapped a few pictures!  

Sunrise photography at Formby Beach.

Jack parkinson

Sometimes you have to be the early bird to catch the worm!  The bonus with winter, and I don't think there's many, is that the sun comes up a little later meaning if you'd like to capture the sunset you can do so around 8am rather 4am in the summer!  I decided it would be something a little different to shoot and my friends who love shooting film thought it would be cool also to go and freeze for a few hours to capture the sun coming up.  We headed to Formby Beach which is such a stunning location to shoot as it offers so many different back drops within a small area.  It's a great location for shooting and perfect to tie into my wedding work as the location is great for pre-wedding shoots also. 

We hit the road around 7am and explored the sand dunes to find some great locations where the morning glow, mixed with some dramatic clouds, allowed us to capture some awesome images!  It was certainly worth sanding in the morning cold for and certainly somewhere I'd love to go back to again for a early morning couples shoot!!  If it's something you're thinking of doing and would love to go exploring early in the morning then be sure to get in touch!  Have a look at the images below and see if they will you over ;) 

A Christmas Eve Family Shoot.

Jack parkinson

From time to time people ask me to shoot something a little different to weddings and it's always nice to mix things up and try something new.  I met Sarah through high school, and thinking about how long ago that was is depressing, and since then she's moved to the USA and started her family.  She was back home for Christmas and thought it would be lovely for the family to get together for a family shoot.

I headed to her parents family home where we spent the morning capturing some group portraits and of course I couldn't help slipping into my documentary, wedding mode and started to capture some natural candids also!  I was a little nervous about doing something like this having not really done it before and with it being December I knew natural light wasn't going to be at it's brightest, however once I got going and met her lovely family it was super fun and I'm super happy with how all the snaps turned out.  An added bonus being the family dogs were there and I'm a real dog lover!!!


Thinking of having some natural portraits of you and your family?  It's a lovely gift for yourselves and others so get in touch if you'd like to plan something!

Indie lovers wedding at Kilhey Court, Lancashire

Jack parkinson

Louise and Liam those Kilhey Court as the place to host their special wedding day.  Situated in Wigan, Lancashire the place offers large grounds and a large ceremony / reception room, perfect for those who need the space to party!

Bridal preparations and getting married at Kilhey Court.

The morning started the way it should, with her bridesmaids keeping her calm and collected, topped up with champagne and getting her ready for the large event at hand.  Louise was all smiles throughout the morning which carried on until I left, a true sight that she'd had the best day ever!  Working at Kilhey Court gives you plenty of photo opportunities with the dress and shoes as the main stair case as you enter the main building is perfect for capturing the dress in all it's glory.  

Louise was met by Liam with a huge smile as she entered the room, that didn't disappear from then onward.  After the service everyone rushed to greet the newly weds and to have a cheeky sip of whiskey from their hidden flask!  

Sun set portraits and an Indie playlist to get the party started!

Kilhey court not only has large grounds around the back to explore for photos but the sun usually sets in the evening out front and it's too good to pass up on!  As soon as the light was right we ran out front to get some stunning pictures in the evening sun before heading back inside to continue the party.  Louise and Liam are both music lovers, they love Indie music as it played a large role in their earlier years, so it was only fitting that the DJ smashed out anthem after anthem to get they party going!

If you're looking for a natural wedding photographer to capture your special day in Wigan or around Lancashire then be sure to get in touch!  As a music lover myself I love a good party in the evening!

Brookfield Hall, Lancashire Wedding!

Jack parkinson

Stacey and Alan picked Brookfield Hall, Lancashire for their wedding celebrations where she did a lot of work herself making the rustic dressings to make the room look awesome!  

Bridal preparations. 

When I arrived at bridal prep the party was already well underway with everyone in high spirits for the big day ahead.  I captured natural pictures throughout of everyone having a great time while getting ready.  Stacey Dad couldn't hide a tear when he saw her for the first time in her wedding dress which started Stacey off also who fought to keep her makeup intact!  

Weddings at brookfield hall.

Brookfield Hall offers two spaces during the wedding.  They have a ceremony room situated in the centre of the building and their large reception room which leads into the gardens.  Both had been decorated with rustic charm, exactly what Stacey had in mind and told me all about before their big day.  Their children took to the aisle first followed by a teary yet excited bride who was talked up the aisle by a very proud Mum.  The service was full of laughter and emotions, the way it should be, making it the perfect start to their celebrations.  

After the service everyone headed outside into the baking sun to celebrate.  This was the perfect opportunity to capture some great documentary images of the guests greeting the newly weds and catching up with one another.  Just before the wedding breakfast I pitched the couple to have a few portraits before getting them back to be announced into the room.  

Singing waiters and the evening party.

Just as dessert was about to come out the surprise singing waiters came into action.  All through the meal they had been working their magic offending guests and not being too pleasant with each other.  The final act involved one of them dropping a large amount of cookery making a large noise and then getting a royal telling off.  At this point they normally leave the room and come back singing... however the best man had got so fed up by the waiter he actually intervened and dragged the waiter out the room to everyones shock!   I actually thought he was in on the act only to find out that he wasn't!!  The look on his face when he came back in singing was truly amazing and had the guests in stitches!  

After the meal it was back into the evening sun where they had candy floss available before the evening party was to start.  I knew it was going to be a great party after all the excitement during the meal and the large amounts of sugar consumed from the candy floss machine!  As soon as the first dance was over everyone was up dancing and having a great time, making it the perfect end to their wedding day!

If you're looking for a Lancashire Wedding Photographer to capture your rustic wedding then be sure to get in touch!  

You can see more work on my blog below.

Best Wedding Photography 2017!

Jack parkinson

What a year it has been!  2017 was my biggest year to date with the most number of bookings, wedding fairs, learning and more!

At the start of 2017 I finally left my 'real job'; that's not to say running your own business isn't a real job, but when you love it this much, it's hard to say it's work!  It was pretty scaring thing but it was the right thing and the right time for me to take the plunge, to grow my business and to chase the dream of being my own boss.

I've shot weddings up and down the country this year, exploring new venues with some amazing couples.  I've shot weddings for couples who I'd originally met as guests at other weddings, for family and even friends.  And let us not forget the wedding in Sorrento Italy!!

It's been a great year for networking making some great friends not only in the photography business but the whole wedding business.  I've been made so welcome at venues and with suppliers that it's so easy to see why you can fall in love with this industry.

Anyway...Enough of my ranting!  Check out some of my favourite shots from 2017 below!!

Love what you see?  If you're planning an awesome wedding in Lancashire or beyond then be sure to give me a shout!

A tree house wedding at Centre Parks!!!

Jack parkinson

When Beth and Chris got in touch to tell me that they were having their wedding reception at Centre Parks, in Sherwood Forest AND in a tree house my jaw dropped to the floor as the idea sounded amazing and crazy at the same time!

The morning at Sherwood Forest

I arrived at Sherwood Forest to see the tree house where the reception was to take place and was amazed!  It was such a cool idea to have a smaller reception in a tree house!!  As this was very much a DIY wedding the plan was to decorate the room after their wedding service but even without being fully finished it still looked awesome when I arrived!  

Beth didn't want bridal prep photos so I spent the morning capturing the guests arriving and getting ready before she made her grand appearance down the spiral staircase then over to Rufford Mill Country Park for their wedding service.

Getting married at Rufford Mill Country Park

It was my second time at Rufford Mill Country Park and I was excited to be back as the place is stunning!  Situated in Nottinghamshire the park offers cafe's, a small shop, a lake and some stunning ruins within the grounds.  It's the perfect spot for a wedding if you're looking for something with rustic charm and are happy to go explore the old ruins for photos.  

When Beth arrived and walked down the aisle she was grinning from ear to ear which matched the look on Chris' face also.  Their wedding only contained a smaller handful of their closest family and friends but everyone in attendance could see how happy they both looked when they stood at the end of the aisle and throughout the service.  

After the ceremony guests rushed over to them to great them allowing me to capture some great natural moments between them and their guests.  After a few drinks everyone headed outside to be by the lake where we threw confetti before heading back over the the tree house.  

The wedding reception in a tree house!

Once we arrived back at the tree house within Centre Parks it was all hands on desk for the immediate wedding party to add some finishing touches before the rest of the party arrived a little later.  The newly weds made their own cocktails that looked awesome while the family helped move some furniture and put out the buffet and drinks.  

Once everything was ready the evening guests arrive to celebrate over cocktails, great food and music.  Shortly after while the light was still with us we ran out into the Forrest for some portraits.  Beth was a big Twilight fan so having some woodland wedding portraits was a dream for her and they looked awesome!!  

Once back inside it was time for a few speeches.  As this wasn't your traditional wedding there wasn't a first dance but a few people wanted to share a few words then it was right back to the party.  There was drinks, games, music and dancing, the perfect way to end your wedding!

I've posted a few lovely moments below but check out the slideshow also to see more!

Are you thinking of having something a little different for your wedding?  There are no rules, do it your way!  I love capturing the natural moments of a wedding and if that sounds like your thing, then get in touch!

Intimate wedding at Kilhey Court, Lancashire

Jack parkinson

I was super excited to hear Bev and Marks intimate wedding plans at Kilhey Court, Lancashire.  The didn't want the stress of a huge wedding and wanted something relaxed that was for their closes family and friends during the week where they could get married, have great food and just enjoy the company of their loved ones.  

Morning PREPARATIONS at Kilhey Court, Lancashire. 

I arrived at Kilhey Court a little later than my usual gig as with this being a smaller wedding it also meant fewer hours, though I won't complain as the extra hours in bed are always welcome!  Both Bev and Mark got ready in the same room with their daughters which was nice being able to capture natural moments of them both during the morning with Mark only leaving once she was ready to get into her dress.  

The ceremony and reception with loved ones at Kilhey Court.

Once Bev was ready it was all systems go as she headed over to the ceremony.  The stair case at Kilhey Court allows for some great images as you make your way over so along with a wider image of her heading down the stairs I was able to capture a well timed moment of her taking her final few steps and showing her awesome wedding shoes!

The service was lovely with only a handful of family and friends there to smile and cheer them on.  With lots of laughter and smiles they were soon Mr and Mrs and couldn't look happier!  The family couldn't wait to greet them after the service allowing for some great pictures of everyone before they headed back over to the bar area to celebrate before their wedding breakfast.  This time allowed me to capture some documentary shots of everyone before taking them both out into the grounds to take some portraits.

After some fun portraits it was back inside for everyone to have their meal and that was my cue to leave!  It really was a pleasure to capture such a small, intimate wedding.  It just shows that you can still have an amazing party even with a handful of your nearest and dearest!  


Are you looking for a natural wedding photographer to capture your Kilhey Court Wedding?  If so be sure to get in touch and check out more work below!

Engagement shoot at Formby Beach, Merseyside

Jack parkinson

How I love to explore new places!  Well, I say new, as I haven't been to Formby Beach since I was in High School and even then I might be wrong with that!  Situated not too far from Southport it's a short drive from my home in Lancashire and really is a treasure! 

Annisa and Ben get married next year at the stunning Oak Tree of Peover but wanted to have a little warm up session before their big day.  Maybe a warm up session is the wrong term, as when we arrived and it was COLD!  It is winter after all and heading to the sea side I guess we were hopeful that it would be warm... we can only hope.

It was lovely to catch up with them both and go exploring around Formby as it really does offer a range of backdrops for photos from woodland, sand dunes and if you're feeling really brave you can splash into the sea.  As it was cold enough just being there we figured shots by the sea would be enough at this time of year. 

Are you thinking of having a pre-wedding shoot to warm up before your special wedding day?  Be sure to get in touch and we can go explore together!

Spring fun at the stunning Rivington Barn, Lancashire.

Jack parkinson

I met Emily and Mike at a wedding fair but as they can be super busy we arranged to meet again at my little wedding den to talk about their big day and for me to hear their story.  Working in the army means Mike is away a lot leaving the planning to Emily but upon seeing the day it's safe to say he left it in safe hands.


Emily got ready at home in Lancashire with her family, bridesmaids and flower girls before heading over to the church in an awesome VW camper van.  I arrived before to see Mike greeting the guests as they arrived looking very smart in his army suit.  The service was how it should be, fun, relaxed and full of smiles and laughter!  After the service, everyone headed outside to greet the newlyweds which is the perfect time to capture some real moments.


I don't think Rivington barn can look bad... well maybe when it's all empty with the lights up full after a party it won't look too shiny... but setup for a wedding, WOW!  It's a real show stopper when you walk into the place.  The tables looked amazing and the lights in there really set it off.  We arrived with plenty of time before the meal to allow for more candid photos of the guests enjoying themselves before being called in for the speeches and wedding breakfast.  

The evening was full of laughter and dancing provided by Natty Bee's Vintage Hire and DFC meaning the party never stopped as people dressed up for the photo booth and danced away into the night allowing for some great party images for them to remember!

Are you looking for a Lancashire Wedding Photographer to capture your Rivington Barn Wedding?  If so be sure to get in touch!!