I like to think of myself as a wedding storyteller, capturing the day as it unfolds rather than directing the day and making it seem staged.  I want you to enjoy your wedding day with your family and friends, celebrating your marriage and having an awesome time.  I love to capture candid moments and then steal you both for some lovely couple shots.  I usually try to do this in 2 sessions to give us different light at different times of the day, plus by the second shoot you've had a bit of a warm up so we can jump straight into action.  Before the wedding day we can discuss when we'll get these shots to work them into your day.  I try to keep family formals between 5-8 shots, this helps to please the parents so they can get a photo for their mantle piece, but I won't be shooting shots of every guest one after the other as the traditional approach just isn't my style and when the list is too long, you'll be dying to get back to the party!  However, what I will capture will be the laugher, the tears, the love and the joy that comes from your wedding guests mingling on the day, whether they're by the fire, soaking up the sun or snoozing in the corner!  If you head to my 'Wedding Advice' page, I've covered a section on family formals that you might find helpful!


On the day it's all about you and having fun.  I work with the mindset of making sure that everyone is having a good time while we get the shots that you want.  I'm also an extra pair of hands and know the wedding day can be pretty crazy with so much going on, so I don't mind getting stuck in and helping out if I can, between taking your photos!  If you need something taking over to the venue, need to pass a message along or simply want some helpful advice, then just ask!

I love to deliver a mixture of colour and black and white photos.  Some photographs just look awesome in black and white and some moments I'll shoot with black and white in mind as there's something romantic and timeless about black and white!  Either way, you'll get a good mixture of both telling the story of your day.  

I'm always looking for cool places to take your couples shots.  I love to use woodland when possible with low hanging trees and then mix it up with brickwork or something plain to make you pop in the photo.  Couples portraits aren't just about looking into the camera, but engaging with each other and having an awesome time.  I pick up little things throughout the day to use during the portraits that allow me to capture you naturally and being yourselves.