It's been one hell of a week...

You know those weeks that you wish you could erase?  Yep, it has been one of those!

From computer failure and camera failure, to winter like rain (seriously where did the sun go?!), then leaving the EU and no one having a clue what will happen next; its certainly been a manic week filled with a roller coaster of emotions!  

However, all is not lost though, there's certainly been some great moments this week and I've been busy catching up from a HUGE set back but feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is slowly coming into view.  One small set back at this time of year can seriously throw you off track and that's certainly not what I want right now.

Looking to the bright side of things I just confirmed my 30th wedding for 2017!!!  2017 has been shaping up real nicely for some time and I wondered if I'd be able to bag 30 weddings by the 6 month mark so I set myself the channel to get 30 weddings before July and BOOM!  Target reached :D  I did however tell the world I'd video a little dance if this happened.. so stay tuned!

I'll celebrate tonight on junk food before getting back to it tomorrow with a full day of editing before some meetings in The Den.  If you're planning a 2017 wedding there are still some dates left so hurry and get in touch!

Here's a little snap from a recently wedding reception I shot from Helen and Liam who married abroad and partied when they returned!  Love the light!!!

Jack Parkinson