Weekly Roundup!!

So here's my 2nd weekly round it!  I really hope I keep this up :D

It's been a nice busy week with 5 different meetings in The Den for new and existing couples.  It's so good to finally have a meeting place I can use where my work is on show and couples can talk weddings without the distractions of coffee machines being cleaned or children running riot.  I love my new albums (pictures coming soon I promise) and every couple that has been has said they look awesome!

So after a busy week of meetings and some editing I went into the weekend for another wedding.  It was a church service in Leigh before heading over to Ashfield House for the reception.  The week had been a scorcher with the sun melting the flags so you can imagine our surprise when summer turned into winter over night.  Rain, rain and more rain!!  GRR!

I guess this is the perfect time to reflect on having a backup plan on your wedding day in case it rains.  Grab a umbrella, get some cool wellies and be prepared to venture out if the heavens open to get some amazing shots.  I guess we had a lucky break Saturday though and we had an hour or so without rain to get some lovely shots.  It was an awesome day, with a truly amazing couple and family.

Here's a snap from the weekends wedding and I'll be back next week with another round up!