Recommended supplier spotlight! - Satin Pictures Wedding Video!


Company Name: Satin Pictures

Tell the world who you are and what you do?: 
Wedding videographer... cinematic presentation capturing the day from prep to party. Every wedding is different so every film is designed to be personal to each and every couple.

Tell the story of how you started your business?: 
After starting to experiment with film in 2013 a wedding photographer friend spotted some of my early work and put me in touch with a couple he was shooting... it’s such an incredible honour to be part of the couples lives on this incredible day and over 150 weddings later I’m still shooting with the same passion as the first film.

What do you offer that others can’t?: 
For me it’s about a personal tailored touch... every film is different even if the venue remains the same. My most basic package includes everything you’d ever need to remember the entire day forever. I work very discretely and each shot has a purpose for me. Mostly I like to present the film so it feels like it’s from the eyes of the people present on the day.

What is the favourite thing about your job?: 
Meeting all these incredible people... hearing their stories, wishes, dreams and sharing in this amazing experience.

What inspires your work / style?: 
I get inspiration from the couples, their story, the little addition they bring to the day and as for the design of the film an awful lot of movie watching and every time I see a brilliant shot I think... let’s do it!

What is your favourite wedding venue and why?: 
The West Mill in derby, brilliant design and fantastic looking and if the time of day and weather is right the light is unbelievable!

What advice would you give for someone planning their wedding?: 
Don’t leave the film as an afterthought because most of the great filmmakers out there will probably be booked already. You’ll want the best you can get. It’s a very different memory than photography and although it’s a visual medium they are very different animals.

Do you have any crazy wedding stories to share?: 
One of my favourite memories is riding a speed boat backwards across a choppy lake como shooting a brilliant couple at an epic wedding!!! That was pretty mad! Most of the other stories are too rude :-/

If you weren’t involved in weddings, what would you be doing?:
 I’m still doing it, I’m a music composer for television. If it’s slightly dodgy and on channel 5 you’ve probably heard me already :-) I also compose for SKY tv and have a Hollywood publisher for movie trailer music. I’m hoping to start bring more of this to the wedding films making them truly bespoke.

What is your website?:

What is your contact number?: 07763606602

What is your Facebook address?:

Working along side Mike (Satin Pictures) is just too easy. His light, friendly personality makes the day lots of fun and his natural approach to weddings means he fits perfectly alongside my way of working. His videos are cinematic and tell the story of the day perfectly. I really can’t recommend Mike enough!

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